A Underground’s Voice entrevistou a banda Sueca THUNDERMOTHER 
UNDERGROUND’S VOICE, com Christophe Correia entrevista THUNDERMOTHER (banda sueca).

(PT) A banda Sueca Thundermother chega à Underground’s Voice através da parceria com a Century Media. Aqui fica a entrevista!
(EN) The Swedish band Thundermother arrives at Underground’s Voice through the partnership with Century Media. Here’s the interview!
U.V – First of all I have to say that’s a big pleasure to have Thundermother at Underground’s Voice! The band just released the new single “Whatever”. What can you tell us about that song and how’s being the first reactions?
– Hello! It’s a pleasure to talk to you. It has become popular very fast (it has only been out a few days) and our fans can hear the new mature sound in Thundermother and that we rock harder than ever. Listen for yourself if you haven’t!
U.V – The new album will be release in February 23th. Tell us more about his concept!
– We recorded 15 tracks in 10 days and the girls killed their instruments! We did most of it live and the feeling in the studio was great. I have never had this good experience before with musicians like this. That we have a Grammy winning rock producer does the trick too. We have grown and have a more solid sound and groove now. We also feel more free to do music that is good, no matter if it’s more pop rock or rock metal. The freedom that comes doing an third album is amazing.
U.V – Can you talk about the composition/recording process of this album?
– same as above
U.V – Thundermother lost 4 of the girls and have now a new line-up. Was it hard to keep the band alive? What did make you want to continue?
– Life is life, and if you want to give up every chance you get, then you will never get anywhere. Thundermother is my baby and I would never let the fans down.
U.V – How did you choose the new girls and what they brought new to the band?
– I met Guernica long time ago and I’ve always admired her voice and also liked her personality. She happened to email me that if I ever needed a singer she would join in an instant. Her band was on hold and she felt sad about it. I told her about my situation and all of this and our timing was just a crazy coincident. 2 days later she was on audition for Thundermother. Sara and I have another band so that came easy. I got advice to try Emlee our from a girl I talked to in an AC/DC machine event. I thank the gods I went to that party!
We actually played same festival years ago; Sweden rock, but I had forgot about it.
U.V – How’s your schedule at this time? Can we wait for a gig here in Portugal soon?
– The more you write about us, the more club owners who get requested about us, the more chance we come.
I will go to Portugal on vacation to visit a friend soon, can’t wait!
U.V – What can you tell us about the current Swedish scene?
– I love the scene in general. We have so much music everywhere and every weekend there is shows to go to. But for us, we play more abroad. There is many bands from Sweden as you know. I think it is because of the government who helpes out with rehearsal rooms etc. High taxes pays for it!
U.V – Do you know something about the Portuguese scene? Are you fan of any band from here?
– No but I would love to know more about it! Please send me music!
U.V – To finish I want to say thank you very much for this interview and my best wishes for the band! Last words for Underground’s Voice readers?
– Thank you for the support. Thundermother is not a huge band, so tell the local promoters about us and enjoy our new album that comes out in February 23! We love to come and rock out with you guyes!